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New Business Model Means A New Culture...


New Business Model Means A New Culture...

The Result: #1 in 13 product markets worldwide.

The Story: A very well-known high-tech firm, once their industry leader, struggled to keep pace with their competitors. For every dollar of investment they spent, their competitors were spending $2.50. Their new strategy included reinventing themselves by outsourcing and transitioning their business model regarding their product offering. All of this meant a significant change in organizational culture to pull it off successfully.

They enlisted the aid of one consulting company, only to be disappointed with their approach and impact. Based on the bad experience, they abandoned their culture change effort, and enlisted Partners In Leadership to provide the Self Track Training. The sting of the earlier experience was so bad that, early on, they wouldn't even allow us to use the word "culture" when working with them. However, after a few months with the Accountability Training,® they informed us that our process was now being viewed as a cultural intervention because of the impact it was having throughout the organization. They quickly moved to implementing the Culture Track Training to fully bring about the culture change they wanted to achieve. One of their leaders shared with us the following: "I had a bunch of champions on my team but I did NOT have a championship team. We weren't executing, but we've changed that. This cultural transitional process has taught us how to collaborate effectively to deliver on our key metrics."

After 16 months, they're still working the process with tremendous success. At last, they had taken almost 1,000 managers through the Partners In Leadership Culture Track Training with a report card consisting of the following grades:

  • 98.1% would recommend this program to their peers
  • 97.1% will apply these new skills & concepts on the job
  • 90.2% believe what they have learned will significantly enhance their performance

Today, they are #1 in 13 product markets as the retooled premier digital media company in the world. All eight of the CEO's direct reports and their respective teams (over 1,200 people and counting) are currently using the Culture Track Training to successfully guide what their "cultural intervention." One of their leaders waxed philosophical and said: "Mahatma Ghandi, said, 'Become the change you want to see.' We all want change but we tend to resist the change when it directly affects us. This process has helped us work through that resistance to become the 'change' that was needed."

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