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System-Wide Integration Programmed For Success with Accountability...


System-Wide Integration Programmed For Success with Accountability...

The Results: SAP delivered early and under budget.

The Story: Amgen enlisted our help to implement the Self Track Training to launch a fully integrated solution in SAP architecture that would require a significant reengineering of business processes. Since the client's executives worried about making the implementation work, they drew upon specialists from all over the company, with every major organizational function represented on the team. Getting this varied group of people to work together, particularly when people would need to make trade-offs to meet the highest priority, seemed a foreboding task! The fact that they had never seen an IT implementation come in on budget and on time only intensified their concerns. In the past, they would end up changing the due date four or five times and then run over budget. During the September kickoff Amgen utilized Self Track Training to create an environment of positive accountability for all of the behaviors and mind-sets needed to accomplish the mission by September 5th, exactly one year later.

In effect, the executives created a collaborative Culture of Accountability,® emphasizing "What else can I do to achieve the result?" rather than the traditional, "I'll just do my job." Amazingly, the implementation team worked into the night on the Saturday before the due date to finish sixteen hours early and come in under budget! This was the first time in the company's history that IT achieved anything like this. The implementation now serves as the model for this client for all major IT implementations.

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